About fordellis


Born and raised in Austin, Cory decided early on he would

follow in his father and grandfathers footsteps. One could

say the love of construction has always been a huge part of

him. After majoring in Construction Science at A&M in 1996

he has worked with Faulkner Construction and later Rogers

O'Brien in the commercial sector. Cory and his father have

owned and operated Cox Commercial for over a decade

focusing on government construction & commercial



Cory's passion for creating and building on a more personal

level lead him to start Fordellis in 2012. Construction is not

only his job but also his hobby. This can be seen in all

aspects of his life. Beginning with the full design &

renovation of his own home; he enjoys welding,

landscaping, home improvements and his most rewarding

project yet, a fort he built with his two boys. His keen eye

for design and perfectionism have helped him meet his

clients needs and goals. A truly talented and driven

individual he is determined to make all his clients

completely happy with their results.